Comic-Con Season 3 Trailer


This trailer is awesome.  Simple.  The action looks like it’s going to be ramped up even further, especially during the prison clear out.  From the look of it, Dexter’s demise may make an appearance as in the comic (@2:55) where Lori is reassuring Rick that he isn’t a killer…

The helicopter scene is in but as it cannot follow the comic truly, it may be where Michonne and Andrea use it as a point to converge unwittingly with Rick and the others (@0:19) but the Woodbury crew look to have sought the wreck and leaves Michonne and Andrea in a predicament (@1:32).

The Governor, as much as it pains me to see him look nothing like his comic book counterpart, appears to be a bit more civilised compared to what we’re used to.  Only a bit, though.

From the snippet of Woodbury,  it looks like the story lines in the comic have been merged so that Woodbury is played out like when the group arrived at the Alexandria Safe Zone (@2:42).  So no zombie gladiator events…boo.

Hershel looks like he needs to be introduced to a razor which, ironically, his daughters in the comic were thanks to Thomas – wonder if he’ll be in the show…and if so, how his character comes to life considering his story line can’t stay to the books.

Carol seems to be stepping up to the plate (@3:34) unlike her depiction in the comic…but she may yet become zombie fodder.

Merle is back complete with a deadly prosthesis that reminds me of Robocop 3 with the O.T.T interchangeable arm attachments (@4:01).

One scene which I have watched over a few times towards the end of the trailer looks like Daryl may become a walker (@3:28).  The chocolate covered pretzel and stink-palm combo may be a bit dangerous considering it’s his right hand that’s gone…

October 14th.  Hurry up!


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