The Walking Dead Season 2

Season 2 was fucking awesome.  The first half of it was relatively slow, like season 1 but slow for very good reasons.  One of the major things people don’t seem to get about the show is that it’s not about the zombies but about how society, played out by the survivors in Rick’s group as well as any others they encounter, reacts and deals with the situation they are faced with.

The character building was much stronger in the comics but, like everything, somethings must be cut out our dramatised to make it work on TV/the big screen.

For those that want to avoid spoilers if you haven’t seen season 2, I suggest you stop reading here.

There are a few things the show disappointed me on such as Dale’s demise, Shane’s extended lifespan compared to that of the comic and the lack of depth with each individual character.

Dale’s death in the comic, however, would have been awesome if it had been in the show – especially with the mental trauma he went through as well as the group members.  The group of cannibals would have helped paint an even bleaker picture in this new world.  What did you think of Dale’s exit?

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My biggest concern of the show is the lack of depth to truly appreciate the physical and mental burdens each character has to bear.  Dale, having been the group’s moral compass, was integral as the personification of society prior to the zombie apocalypse.  Shane, whose character was more developed in the show than in the comic, was the yin to Dale’s yang.  With right and wrong embodied within two strong characters, we get a taste of what the comics have to offer but I would urge anyone who hasn’t read the comics to do so.

In my mind, I have to treat them as two totally separate entities otherwise one would spoil the other – like that fateful moment where you loved a book then watched the movie and was devastated at the amount of content the movie didn’t even touch.

Now that the finale has been and gone season 3 is set to be exciting!  Michonne is in, the prison is there and The Governor has been cast and confirmed to make his appearance – if the show doesn’t stray too far from the comics in this segment the show is guaranteed to be immense but time will tell.  I’m hoping the scene with Dexter and Rick is in – if it is, I will cream!

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