My Take On Season 3


Having watched the trailer for season 3 around 6 or 7 times now, I have a few ideas which kinda tie in with my post breaking down the trailer as I saw it.

First of all, Woodbury looks like it may be merged with the Alexandria Safe Zone part of the comic with the sense of community we briefly glimpse when the Governor is talking to Andrea & Michonne.  I think this makes sense, as, to be fair, Rick and co end up in a few different locations on their travels but the show may be going for a more dramatic and desolate vibe which would be achieved by merging the two locations.

Rick is unlikely to lose his hand as happens in the comic as Merle (who will be returning) has lost his so it looks like part of Rick’s story where certain pieces centre round the hand loss could be played out by Merle instead although the zombie gladiator scenes are unlikely to show unless that’s something AMC are keeping up their sleeves to lead the comic fans off the scent until it just hits you.

The helicopter is going to take us down a different route as to the comics as Andrea & Michonne spot it from the freeway and clearly head there only to be discovered hiding in the woods by the Governor and his crew.

Michonne is seen to be standing, at one point in the trailer, in what seems to be a depot which could also be the National Guard depot that Rick’s group get fuel etc then choose to blow it up to stop the Governor and his folks refuel. So this could play key to Andrea & Michonne’s escape.

Daryl’s “Who are you?” scene whilst clearing the prison indicates that Rick and the gang may stumble across Axel, Andrew, Thomas and Dexter.  Or just one.

When Lori is trying to assure Rick that he’s not a killer, it sounds like he may have popped someone off and played it off like it was during the confusion – Dexter?  Let’s hope so.

Michonne’s swordplay appears very soon into the trailer and she seems to be as kick ass as in the comics but her rape scene is unlikely to be shown which again would mean the whole gladiator concept won’t be included.

The Lori death scene is unlikely to be cast because viewers probably won’t take to the concept of her baby being killed but because fans have this dislike towards her due to her ‘Wormtongue‘ role between her and Rick (especially in regards to the Shane issue previously) then she may very well die but the little bundle of joy could survive.  Or she may have a miscarriage which would be less traumatizing to the audience as there’s no visual of anything untoward…

Obviously the trailer hasn’t even scratched the surface and there is apparently something in season 3 that comic book fans and viewers won’t expect.

Roll on October 14th!

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