SDCC 2014

The reveals at last years SDCC were pretty damn exciting – from toys to TV show it was spectacular.  I’m even more excited about this year – the above pic is a teaser on The Walking Dead site (source: SDCC 2014 – Final Teaser Image).

McFarlane Toys are always awesome but it’ll be interesting to see what the churn out as well as the other manufacturers.

It’s been hinted at that the Season 5 trailer may actually be shown before Comic Con – whether this means on July 23rd in the Previews at SDCC (sneaky way of wording perhaps?) or outside of SDCC altogether is yet to be determined…

I haven’t been keeping up with the comics (can’t even remember what issue I got up to – I messed up my ComicRack library and haven’t gotten back into reading comics as a result) so there may be some awesome stuff within those that may be in the pipeline.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the toys, especially those that my suppliers will be getting in so they can go on the store ASAP.

Until then, keep on keeping on!

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