The Governor

I know the role of The Governor has already been cast, done and dusted.  I can’t help but feel their choice wasn’t a wise one.

The way the character is drawn in the comics – long hair, moustache and the fact he has a bad attitude and is a tough fucker – made me think the only person to fit the role would be Danny Trejo.  It’ll be interesting to see how David Morrissey pulls it off when season 3 airs later this year but Trejo would have been the icing on the cake.

Did you have anyone else in mind for the televised role?

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2 Responses to The Governor

  1. Good damn call! Maybe they’re hiring over at the Walking Dead? You deserve a job for that one. Best show on TV. I am beyond obsessed. I only hope it doesn’t get too corny with the Michonne thing- the end of season 2 was great but I couldn’t help but feel like the whole sword thing could get out-of-hand if those brilliant minded producers let it. I want it to stay realistic (as realistic as a zombie apocalypse can be). Great blog. I’m definitely following! 🙂

    • Haha, thanks…if only getting a cool job was as easy!

      When I first read the comics, before I started watching the show or had even seen a clip of it, I pictured who I’d cast if it were to be a movie/show. Rick, in my mind would have been Viggo Mortensen but when I reached the issue where Rick and co go to Woodbury (issue 27 I think) and we first see The Governor, I immediately thought “Danny Trejo”.

      I agree with your concern over Michonne – I can see her skills possibly being made into a gimmick. Let’s hope she doesn’t have dodgy one-liners to boot! Hopefully, with the introduction of some colourful characters, the show goes even darker than it has been.

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