Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

So it’s a wee bit late but OMG, the trailer was epic!  If you haven’t seen it, check it out below:

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/CJNk2_Cd7WQ”]

So, yes it’s more of the same for those of us initiated in the ways of TWD…another bad group, fighting the living to survive, trust issues…all ground that we’ve shuffled over before.  But do we care?  No and yes.  We care because we sooo want Rick and co to catch a frigging break.

Those that read the comics know that, no matter how promising a situation looks…something comes and fucks it up (the Governor, Negan…cannibals).  But, 5 seasons in, even the non comic readers should have grasped this by now!

This season looks to be more action packed.  Lots of firefights, zombie stabbing and slashing and also fraught with tension due to the trust issues with the Terminus gang – folks being helped back there to keep Rick and co in line while they go off on what seems to be Eugene’s quest for Washington – does Eugene’s secret come out in time for the mid-season break?  Will his story be like the comic?  Will the find Hilltop on their travels?

So many questions but one thing is for sure – the rollercoaster ride is gonna kick it up a notch or 2!

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